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Direct Primary Care means Better care & Greater savings.

Virtuous Benefits plans comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

What is DPC and How Does It Provide Better Healthcare?

As part of our mission to deliver high-quality health care at affordable prices, Virtuous Benefits health plan members benefit from the unique advantages of the direct primary care model.

Direct primary care (DPC) is family medicine like it used to be: personalized and comprehensive healthcare for everyone, in all stages of life.

Neer Patel and family

Direct primary care offers:

Treatment for 80-90% of your employee’s healthcare needs, minimizing the need for unnecessary medications, specialist referrals, ER visits and hospitalizations.

Unlimited in-person and telehealth visits with no co-pays or long wait times.

Easy access to your doctor via phone, text, email and video chat.

Relaxed, unrushed visits to have all your questions answered.

A personal relationship with your doctor who knows you and your health goals.

Informed consent and shared decision-making.

Whole-person holistic health to address your root concerns instead of just treating the symptoms.

Exceptional personalized care for your family’s healthcare needs

What is Virtuous Benefits?

Virtuous Benefits is an independent employee benefits agency that bypasses traditional overpriced health insurance plans to deliver unparalleled savings with premium health care

A Virtuous Benefits healthcare plan is:

Employer built.

Highly customizable to your business’s size and budget.

Value-packed. Employers typically save 30-60% compared to traditional insurers, and get annual refunds for unused benefits. 

Comprehensive, high-quality Direct Primary Care (DPC) for all.

Virtuous Benefits offers ACA compliant alternatives to traditional health insurance plans.

By cutting out the bloat of typical insurance, focusing on excellent primary care and delivering healthcare at cost, Virtuous Benefits offers streamlined, affordable care to you and your employees.

Dr. Katie Keller of a Direct Primary Care clinic. Just one of the clinics that members of Virtuous Benefits can choose from.

How it Works: 

1You pay one affordable monthly fee per employee.

2Your staff receives all-inclusive healthcare at pre-negotiated rates, at any clinic or hospital of their choice—no complicated networks to deal with.

3Your business benefits from greater savings and happier, healthier, and more productive employees who gain easy and direct access to their DPC physician, in-person or virtually whenever needed.

Ready to save big while investing in your workforce?

You’ll work with the Virtuous Benefits team of licensed Employee Benefits Consultants to customize a plan for your benefits needs.

Virtuous Benefits offers health care
for you and your employees.

Not the hospital nor insurer’s bottom line.

Direct primary care is just one of the ways we do it. 

(We think direct primary care is amazing, but we don’t force anyone to change doctors, so our plans include care at traditional clinics too!)

“We started using Direct Primary Care personally and after experiencing the level of care and the great value that it provides we decided to incorporate it into our team here at O’Neill’s.

Our employees almost don’t believe it’s possible – explaining that you can call or text your doctor, that you have that level of relationship with. Everyone who has taken advantage of DirectMed DPC has just been thrilled. You can ask anybody here who’s had that experience and it’s pretty unbelievable.”

Neil and Amy Engelmann, Virtuous Benefits Clients and Owners of O’Neill’s Pools in Austin, TX.

Why a Virtuous Benefits health plan? 

1. It’s refund-eligible.

  • Get money back annually if your monthly fees exceed your claims.
  • With a traditional health insurance plan, premiums typically increase 10-30% each year, even if you don’t submit claims.
  • With a Virtuous Benefits plan, you pay only for the care you use.
  • The average client receives at least 10% in refunds each year.

2. It’s affordable.

  • Virtuous Benefits clients typically save 30-60% on premiums compared to traditional and broken B.U.C.A.H. employer group health plans.
  • We bypass over-inflated B.U.C.A.H. insurance providers and negotiate directly with physicians, clinics, and hospitals to deliver care options for your employees at cost.

3. It’s simple.

  • One monthly fee per employee, with the option to remove all out-of-pocket costs for your employees who choose to take advantage of their Virtuous Benefits plans.
  • Employees get freedom of choice, health care at cost, and any or all guidance needed to get the right care for their families.

4. It’s highly customizable.

  • This is healthcare for everyone.
  • The transparency of our model allows businesses of all sizes to benefit.
  • Whatever your company size or budget, you can take advantage of a Virtuous Benefits health plan.
  • Think of it as “build your own” healthcare. 

Whatever your healthcare benefits needs are, we can help. 

Set-up your free, no-obligation consultation today to explore your options for high-quality, affordable healthcare.

Free your business from the limits of traditional health insurance.

See how much you’ll save—and all you have to gain—with a Virtuous Benefits health plan.


Virtuous Benefits helps businesses of all sizes and budgets—including freelancers, solopreneurs, and tiny-but-mighty businesses! Everyone deserves better healthcare for less. Schedule your call today to see if a Virtuous Benefits health plan is right for you. If not, we can point you in the right direction for better care for less!

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